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‘Together we aspire, we discover, we excel’

A successful and vibrant school situated in Harborne, Birmingham.

Welcome From The Executive Headteacher, Mrs Jane Götschel.



Welcome to our website which we hope will give you a flavour of life at Lordswood Girls’ School.

This is a school that does not stand still!

We are constantly striving to improve on our best, be it with regard to school facilities and the educational opportunities that we offer students, or in the range of innovative projects in which the school is involved and which enable Lordswood Girls’ School to remain at the cutting edge of education.

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Parent Bulletin

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An archive of Bulletins from the current school year is maintained here


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Upcoming Dates

More Dates

School Letters 2016/17


30th September 2016 – Place2Be Letter

16th September 2016 – Mailings Home

2nd September 2016 – Leave in Term Time

1st September 2016 – Spotlight on Attendance

Harborne Primary Build Plans

Please visit this page for details of the proposed Harborne Primary build.


Harborne Primary Build Plans

New Trust Policy for Non-Collection of Children After an Activity

FrameRate Creative

NSPCC whistleblowing advice

The Spiritual Reflection of the Week is Thanksgiving

Students, staff and visitors of Lordswood Girls’ School are encouraged to reflect each week on a spiritual concept.

Each concept has been chosen so that the nine world faiths represented in Birmingham are included.

The concepts also follow the themes set out by the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus’ twenty-four dispositions.

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