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Year 8 Page

Year 8

This year is an important year for you in your school life as you are no longer the youngest members of the school community.

You will have to be role models for the new Year 7 students who have started this academic year.  They might be finding the transition to secondary school very scary and have lots of worries or concerns.

You will be able to empathise with them as only last year this was you!

I hope you enjoyed induction week at the beginning of the autumn term and the activities you took part in including your emotional intelligence day and the voting and election task.  I was so impressed with your creativity and successful team work, the feedback from your teachers was excellent.

The year ahead will be filled with many diverse extracurricular opportunities, which I hope you will endeavour to become involved in.  You will have the chance to take part in themed PSHEE activities, house competitions, fundraising events and trips out of school.  It is set to be an exciting year, so embrace new opportunities and challenges as they arise.

head7070Mr M Baker
Achievement Coordinator Years 8 and 9



Personalised review programme

Your review tutor will hold individual and small group reviews to discuss your progress, achievements, address problems and set targets throughout the year.  You should keep a record of these reviews in your planner, so you know what you need to do to improve and fulfil your potential. You can also request to have a review with your review tutor if you are worried or concerned at any time.  The focus for the reviews is outlined below:


Year 8 review tutors, review rooms and bag rooms are as follows -

TutorReview GroupRegistration RoomBag Room
V Price8DF11F11
N Goetschel8GF15F15
A Lovejoy8LF6F6
O Evans8RF2F2
A Homer8SG11G11
H Lynock8WF14F14


Key Staff

Mr M Baker– Achievement Coordinator Year 8 and 9

Lynne Pearce – Student Support Co-ordinator

Michelle Homer – Student Services Administrator

Mrs P McKenzie – Intervention and Behaviour Manager