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Year 11 Page


Year 11

This year is an important year for you in your school life as it is the end of your Key Stage 4 studies. Examinations will be key for you this year, as well as looking at options for post-16.

Some of you have already been chosen as prefects and some of you will shortly be chosen for the responsibility of organising our prom and year book.

It has been a positive start to the year with your approach throughout the induction period being praised by staff.

Please feel free to drop me a line via e-mail.

Mrs A.Uffindallhead7070
Achievement Coordinator, Years 10 & 11


Examinations 2016/17

To Be Confirmed

Year 11 Review Tutors, review rooms & bag rooms are as follows:

TutorReview GroupRegistration RoomBag Room
J Hughes11DS10S10
K Tooley11GS12S12
J Holmes11LS5S14
S Rasool11RS7S7
C Miller11SS14G6
C Rodriguez11WG3G3

Year 11 Homework Timetable 2015/16:

KS4 Curriculum Support/Study Sessions

Year 11 Prefect Team

NameReview GroupRole
Caila Ryner11RLibrary Monitor
Annesha Maurya11RReading Buddy
Iman Kamran11GReading Buddy
Muna Yusuf11GMentor
Amrita Samra11GMentor
Annie Casey11GReading Buddy
Aysha Oakes11GReading Buddy
Hanna Oakes11LMentor
Simran Kaur11LReading Buddy
Hanna Said11LMentor
Cerys Feiven11WMentor
Sonia Dhillon11WMentor
Jaya Sharma11WMentor
Megan Maloney11SReading Buddy
Hana Khan11DReading Buddy
Davina Jagpal11DMentor
Sana Shezad11DMentor
Amina Masood11WReading Buddy
Hanna Ammanuel11DReading Buddy
Sahar Baburi11WMentor
Morgan Gayle11DReading Buddy
Simran Kaur11SReading Buddy

The prefect team help out with events throughout the school year.

You will see them in the mornings when they are on duty helping you into the building.

The team also help out as reading buddies with the Year 7’s.


Important Information


Key Staff

Ms Lynne Pearce – Assistant Achievement Coordinator Years 10 & 11