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Year 10

This year is an important year for you in your school life as you have started your examination studies and started to think about how the choices you have made will impact upon your future.

During induction week we spent time developing skills that you will extremely useful this year including note taking, oral communication and speed reading.

Please feel free to drop me a line via e-mail.

Mrs A.Uffindallhead7070
Achievement Coordinator, Years 10 & 11 |

Year 10 Review Tutors, review rooms & bag rooms are as follows:

TutorReview GroupRegistration RoomBag Room
A Jones10DS8S8
E Walters10GG4G4
L Morrall & N Ghalib10LS4S1
M Fox10RS13S13
J Brook10SG12F1
A Akhtar10WS2S2


Year 10 Homework Timetable 2016/17:

KS4 Curriculum Support/Study Sessions

Important Information

KS4 Examination Board Information

Key Staff

Lynne Pearce – Student Support Co-ordinator

Michelle Homer – Student Services Administrator