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Dear Parents,

You will be aware from both parents’ meetings and newsletters that I have raised concerns with you about the dangerous driving and reckless parking by an increasing number of parents on Knightlow and Lordswood Roads. The situation has deteriorated considerably over the last half term to the extent that, with the dark mornings and evenings, I am extremely worried that a child is likely to be injured or worse. This clearly cannot continue. In addition, staff on duty who try to enforce considerate and safe parking are being subjected to abuse; this is unacceptable given that they are simply doing their job in trying to ensure that students leave school safely. Both I and local residents have made the Council and police aware of parents who regularly ignore the highway code and put the lives of children and the safety of others at risk.

As you are aware, we will shortly be embarking on a major building project at Lordswood Girls’ School which means that the school grounds around the Knightlow Road entrance will become part of the building site. For this reason, it will be necessary to close off the pedestrian access on Knightlow Road so that all students will need to use the Lordswood Road gate at the start and end of the day. Given the particularly dangerous traffic situation in Knightlow Road exacerbated by poor weather and dark mornings/evenings, it would seem sensible to bring this forward so that, with effect from 28th November, the Knightlow Road entrance will be closed to pedestrians. Parents who need to collect their daughter for an appointment during the school day will be able to access the school via Knightlow Road between 9am – 2:30pm and should ensure that they use the identified path during the period of construction.

Thank you for your support in this matter; ultimately there can be no higher priority than the safety of our young people.


Yours sincerely,

Mrs Jane Götschel

Executive Headteacher