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KS4 Music Technology

Key Stage 4 Course Information Page

Course Name : NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Creative Studies: Music Technology

What is the qualification?

Vocational qualification worth 1 GCSE, graded pass, merit, distinction and distinction*

What will I be doing on the course? How will it be structured?

This course focuses on an applied study of music technology in the creation of music and is a suitable course for students who are motivated and challenged by learning through hands-on experiences.
The course will show you:

  • how to set up and use a digital audio workstation
  • use sequencing software
  • use audio/MIDI software
  • use mixing techniques
  • the effectiveness of experimentation
  • how to work safety and securely in a recording studio

Students will complete 4 units, two mandatory units and two optional units:

Unit 01: Set up and operate a digital audio workstation

This unit covers the basic issues and skills associated with setting up a simple computer-based digital audio workstation; and operating music sequencing software to work with audio and MIDI tracks.

Unit 02: Create music using a digital audio workstation

Students will develop the basic skills associated with using audio/MIDI software, working with audio and MIDI tracks, using mixing techniques and adding effects to produce a piece of music.

Unit 06: Producing dance music

This unit covers the identification of key styles of dance music, focusing on rhythm, structure and sounds, and using this knowledge to produce your own piece of dance music.

Unit 08: Sound design

This unit focuses on types of sound design that might be used in film, television, theatre or other similar areas, investigating how to create these sounds and assessing their suitability.


Year 10:

Autumn and Spring term: Continuous completion of assignment tasks Summer term: 1st attempt at the external assessment

Year 11:

Autumn term: 2nd attempt at the external assessment Spring and Summer term: Continuous completion of assignment tasks

Unit 01, 06 and 08 are assessed internally through the completion of written and practical assignments. Unit 02 is an external assessment which comprises of a 30 hour examination window where students need to plan, create and refine a 3-5 minute piece of music that is their own original composition.

What skills do I need to develop to be successful at this course?

In order to be successful on this course you need to be working at level 4 practically by the end of Year 9. It is beneficial if you can play an instrument or sing but it is not a necessary part of the course as it focuses on producing music not making music. You should have a passion for music, and you will need to be hard working and show dedication to the course, as a number of lunch times will be needed to complete your coursework during school hours.

What could I use this qualification for?

This course provides opportunity to progress onto other music related courses such as BTEC level 3 Music technology, and a career in music production professions.