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KS4 Computing

Key Stage 4 Course Information Page

Course Name : British Computing Society Level 2 Communication in IT Application Skills

What is the qualification?

Vocational qualification worth 1 GCSE, graded pass, merit, distinction and distinction*


What will I be doing on the course? How will it be structured?

Unit 4: • Word Processing • Spreadsheet Software • Presentation Software • Improving Productivity using IT The units are taught skills based lessons where you will develop your use of the different features of the software you are studying to prepare you for the test at the end of it.



All units within this qualification are tested using either automated assessment. The grading structure for this qualification are Pass, Merit, Distinction and Distinction*.


What skills do I need to develop to be successful at this course?

Communication in IT Application Skills will equip you with the skills to use a computer confidently and build on existing knowledge and encourage further learning. It can help you communicate more effectively and access information more easily.


What could I use this qualification for?

Employers will expect you to be confident with the functions of Microsoft Office and the Communication in IT Application Skills will allow you to demonstrate you have the ability to do this.