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KS4 Computer Science

Key Stage 4 Course Information Page

Course Name : GCSE Computer Science

What is the qualification?

This qualification is one GCSE awarded at grades 9 – 1.

What will I be doing on the course? How will it be structured?

You will be learning lots of new topics as well as building on what you have been doing in Year 9. The lessons will combine theory with practical tasks and challenges. There will be lots of practical work on computers, building skills, learning to program, completing the projects and conducting tests and experiments for your research.

The theory topics include;

  • Problem Solving
  • Encryption
  • Binary
  • Hardware and Software Components
  • Communication and the Internet


The table below indicates the school terms in which the assessments will take place:

ComponentsTitleSummary of Assessment
Component 1 - Year 11
Worth 40%
1 hour 40 minute examination
Principles of Computer ScienceExamination, multiple choice, short and extended open response questions.
Component 2 - Year 11
Worth 40%
2 hour examination
Application of Computational ThinkingExamination, based on a scenario, short and extended open response questions.
Component 3
Worth 20%
20 hour controlled assessment
Computer Science ProjectNon-examined supervised assessment. A level based mark scheme, over four stages of development.

What skills do I need to develop to be successful at this course?

To be successful in this subject you are required to meet deadlines as the course is heavily assessment based. You will be required to work and research at home on occasion and you will need to be able to work with a range of people, however working independently is a key element of achieving success for this qualification.

What could I use this qualification for?

By completing this course successfully you can continue to study Business Studies at Level 3, either A level or BTEC. In addition, you can apply for employment or an apprenticeship in various industries including retail and office work.