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KS4 Sociology

Key Stage 4 Course Information Page

Course Name : GCSE Sociology (AQA)

What is the qualification?

One full GCSE awarded at grades 9 – 1

What will I be doing on the course? How will it be structured?

This course consists of two Units:

Unit 1

  • Studying Society
  • Education
  • Families

Unit 2

  • Crime and Deviance
  • Mass Media
  • Power
  • Social Inequality

Underpinning the whole course is your ability to be able to explain these concepts using a range of perspectives e.g. Marxism, feminism, functionalism.


The table below indicates the school terms in which the assessments will take place:

 Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Year 10
Year 11Unit 1
Unit 2

What skills do I need to develop to be successful at this course?

You must be able to:

  • accurately select and communicate a range of knowledge;
  • apply appropriate concepts, terms and theories effectively in a range of contexts.
  • analyse links between structures, processes and issues.
  • identify, explain and evaluate the use of a range of appropriate methods, sources, information and data to address a question or issue.

What could I use this qualification for?

Sociology is seen as a valuable grounding by sixth form colleges and employers because you will study a wide range of topics that raise awareness of different people, cultures and views. This qualification will prepare you for a number of professions particularly those involved in working with people including law, teaching, journalism, human resources, medicine, sociology and management.