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Attendance & Punctuality

Regular and punctual attendance is required by law and is essential if students are to achieve their full potential at school.  At Lordswood Girls’ School, we expect students to achieve a minimum attendance of 95% and also to be present in their registration room at 8.35am for registration each morning.

If your daughter is late for school in the morning, she will be expected to attend a lunchtime detention.

After 5 late marks are received by your daughter in the morning she will receive after school detentions for any further lates, advised by a letter sent home with the student.  If she reaches 8 lates, parents will be contacted and expected to attend a meeting in school with their daughter’s Achievement Co-ordinator.  Should she reach 10 lates, she will be required to spend a day working in isolation and parents may receive a visit from the school’s Educational Welfare Officer. Further sanctions will apply if subsequent lates occur.


Should a student be found to be truanting, disciplinary action will be taken and they will also be expected to make up the teaching time missed through detentions and where possible, copy up all the work missed.  In some cases, parents may be prosecuted.

Absence due to Illness

If your daughter is too ill to come into school, then we request that you contact the school office on the first day and each subsequent day of illness before 9.00am.   If the absence remains unexplained you should send your daughter in with a letter on the first day of her return to school otherwise the absence will be recorded as unauthorised. Where attendance is considered to be poor, you may be requested to provide medical evidence to support the absence which will enable us to record this as authorised.

Medical Appointments

To reduce the impact on your daughter’s learning, we request that where possible appointments are scheduled outside of school hours.  Where this is not possible, we will authorise absence on production of a hospital letter or orthodontist/doctor’s appointment card.  If the appointment is pre-arranged we ask that you let the school office know by sending your daughter in with a letter at least one day in advance of the appointment. On the day appointments, where prior notification has not been received, will require approval from your daughter’s Achievement Co-ordinator.

If your daughter has a medical condition which regularly affects her attendance, please contact us to arrange an appointment with the school nurse so that we are aware of the condition and can put in place any necessary actions.

Holiday Requests

In accordance with School and Government policy, holidays will not be authorised during term time.  This is also in accordance with Birmingham Local Authority’s ‘Leave in Term Time guidance’ and the 2013 Amendment to Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations.  Only in exceptional circumstances will the Executive Headteacher authorise absence and a request should be made to the school for an application form at least 2 weeks before the intended absence.

You can be fined by the Local Authority for taking your daughter out of school without the Executive Headteacher’s permission and/or your daughter may lose her place at this School if she does not return within 20 school days.

Persistent Absence

Your daughter’s attendance percentage is not like examination results and whilst 90% sounds high, this is the equivalent of approximately four weeks absence in a school year. This is NOT good attendance.

To achieve a good attendance she needs to reach at least 95%, which equates to less than one day off per month.  Should a student be absent from school for more than 10% of the time, which means that their attendance is less than 90%, they are considered to be a ‘Persistent Absentee’ by the School and Local Authority.

We are proactive in our intervention and will meet with parents and students where attendance is of concern, but should intervention by the school and the school’s Education Welfare Officer not result in the improved attendance necessary, parents may be prosecuted for their daughter’s poor attendance through the Local Authority’s ‘Spotlight on Attendance’ campaign.(Education Act 1996 Section 444)



For further clarification on any of the above issues please contact the Attendance Officer, Mrs Rossiter.